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Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 15th June: Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and more

Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 12th June: Ronaldo to Monaco?! Lewandowski, David Luiz and more

As we move in to the off-season an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Monaco are ready to make a world record £85m bid for Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and pay the 28-year-old a £17m annual salary.


Full story: Independent

What’s the story? Well, where has this come from? Mind you, if you’d said Monaco would sign Falcao and James Rodriguez back in April I would have laughed. But, this is Cristiano Ronaldo. Monaco are deadly serious about making themselves a ’boutique’ club, and in order to persuade people to pay £2000 to watch a game of football you need to have reason. Signing Falcao was a game changer but signing Ronaldo would be the most important transfer of all time.
Does it make sense? There is no possible scenario where signing Ronaldo is a bad thing. It doesn’t make sense for him though. Even for £17m a year why would he go to play in France and out of the Champions League? He belongs on the elite stage.
Is the price right? Yep. Real paid £80m so they’re hardly selling at a loss.
Will it happen? 1/10 – I guess there is a sniff of a chance given the money but it’s so unlikely.

Manchester United are prepared to pay Robert Lewandowski £90,000 a week to convince him to move to England. The 24-year-old was expected to stay in Germany and move to Bayern Munich, but Borussia Dortmund have vowed not to sell him to their Bundesliga rivals.


Full story: the Sun

What’s the story?
With Borussia Dortmund having firmly said Lewandowski won’t be sold to Bayern a move to England is being discussed.
Does it make sense? Yes. Robin van Persie and Lewandowski are more than intelligent enough to play together. Plus, if United got Lewandowski it would make it easier to sell Rooney and get that potential powder keg dealt with quickly.
Is the price right? Worth £50m but with a year left on his contract, £30m.
Will it happen? 7/10 – Unless Chelsea or Real Madrid get involved it’s hard to see where else he’d be tempted to go.

New Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will tell Brazil international centre-back David Luiz, 26, he must play how he is instructed or he will be sold.


Full story: Daily Express

What’s the story? Mourinho and David Luiz don’t seem like the most obvious combination but Mourinho tamed Sergio Ramos and turned him in to one of the best centre backs in the world.
Does it make sense? Yes. David Luiz has real quality but he needs to be coached properly and not indulged if he is to reach his maximum potential. That is exactly what Mourinho can do.
Is the price right? They supposedly want £30m from Barcelona which if offered would probably be accepted.
Will it happen? 5/10 – Hard to say right now but if Mourinho can reign him in Chelsea is the right place for him to be.

Alan Pardew is considering a £6m bid for striker Darren Bent, 29, who has been told he can leave Aston Villa.


Full story: Daily Telegraph

What’s the story? Villa have moved on from Darren Bent with the emergence of Christian Benteke and Newcastle need a striker after Cisse struggled last season.
Does it make sense? Newcastle isn’t the best place for him to go because of the presence of Cisse. However, there are rumblings they might move Cisse for various reasons which would make Bent an excellent signing. He just gets goals, always has done. Plus, Sunderland fans hate him.
Is the price right? Yes. Good price for a guy who can get 15 goals.
Will it happen? 8/10 – It seems like the wheels are in motion.

Newcastle face competition from Italian and Russian sides to land long-term target Douglas. The 24-year-old centre-back is available on a free transfer after his contract with Dutch side Twente came to an end.


Full story: The Journal

What’s the story? I picked out Douglas as my number one European free agent. He’s a big physical defender which Newcastle badly need.
Does it make sense? Getting Douglas would be a bit of a coup for Newcastle and makes great sense.
Is the price right? Free as a bird.
Will it happen? 5/10 – Newcastle have pulled off some surprising signings in recent years but this would be as impressive as any of them.

Norwich boss Chris Hughton is closing in on PSV Eindhoven’s Swedish international forward Ola Toivonen who has scored 59 goals in 125 appearances since moving to the Dutch League. The 26-year-old is also a target for Fulham.


Full story: Daily Mail

What’s the story? Toivonen has the physical presence required of a Premier League striker and a decent goal getting and making record. Norwich have signed Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Toivonen could play deeper behind.
Does it make sense? Yes. This would be an excellent signing for Norwich. Toivonen is the perfect foil for van Wolfswinkel and he’d add aerial threat for their wingers to supply.
Is the price right? £7m or so but Norwich need to do something about their lack of goals.
Will it happen? 7/10 – This would be a good and well thought out transfer by Norwich.

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Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 8th June Part One: Chelsea, Cavani, Rooney, Liverpool and more

As we move in to the off-season an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

There is a huge bundle of transfer gossip today so I’ve had to split this in to two parts.

Chelsea have made a bid of £49.3m for Napoli striker Edinson Cavani, 26, after the Italian club rejected a lower offer that would have seen Fernando Torres head in the opposite direction.


Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story? This is more like it. None of this Hulk or Dzeko nonsense. The only way Chelsea can justify blocking Romelu Lukaku is by signing Edinson Cavani.
Does it make sense? Yes, and on both counts in this story. Chelsea get the world class striker they need and Napoli don’t get lumbered with Torres.
Is the price right? Nearly. Cavani has a £53m release clause which Chelsea are edging ever closer to activating.
Will it happen? 7/10 – For a long time Cavani to City was thought to be a done deal and Falcao to Chelsea so I won’t commit too strongly but with City for some reason spending £34m on Fernandinho they might not be able to do anything in response to Chelsea on Cavani.

Chelsea are prepared to take on Arsenal in an attempt to sign Wayne Rooney from Manchester United if new manager David Moyes decides to sell the 27-year-old striker this summer.


Full story: The Independent

What’s the story? At this stage Rooney would very much be the back up option if they don’t get Cavani and if United are willing to sell.
Does it make sense? If they don’t get Cavani then Rooney would be a good option. If they miss out on the Uruguayan there aren’t many strikers they could justify signing rather than trusting Lukaku but Rooney is very much in that category.
Is the price right? I remain unconvinced that £30m will be enough to persuade United but given the contract issue and his open desire to move it might be.
Will it happen? 3/10 – United would surely rather to sell to Arsenal rather than their likely main rivals for the title. If they are even willing to sell at all.

Barcelona will move for Chelsea defender David Luiz, 26, if the Catalan club fail to convince Thiago Silva, 28, to leave Paris St-Germain.


Full story: talkSPORT

What’s the story? If they fail to convince Thiago Silva to leave PSG? We’re saying that PSG would countenance letting Thiago Silva, the best centre back in the world, leave? After owning him for one season? When they are rich beyond the dreams of avarice, when they are trying to win the Champions League? But yeah, David Luiz sounds about right.
Does it make sense? Obviously Silva doesn’t but Luiz might. He’s a bit reckless, a bit error prone and doesn’t have a fixed position but at times he looks the best defender going and has a midfielder’s passing range which Barcelona covet.
Is the price right? Thiago Silva is untouchable. Luiz however, could be available for £30m which would be a profit on a player Jose Mourinho may not fancy. Makes sense for both.
Will it happen? 7/10 – No one knows what Mourinho thinks of David Luiz, he might love him. But he doesn’t exactly look like a Mourinho player.

Liverpool will attempt to beat Everton boss Roberto Martinez to the capture of Wigan striker Arouna Kone, 29, by making a bid for the Ivory Coast international. Kone has a £6.5m release clause in his contract.


Full story: The Sun

What’s the story?
Is this Liverpool who already have Daniel Sturridge and Everton who need a striker who can score them in to the Champions League spots?
Does it make sense? I guess so but he’s not a definitive answer. He’d be a depth option at Liverpool and with striker their only severe weakness, would this be enough for Everton?
Is the price right? £6.5m would be good value for either club and is the kind of price you can pay for a rotation option.
Will it happen? 9/10 – Everton: Martinez loves him and you never know, he could be excellent with the superior supply. 5/10 – Liverpool: He’s cheap, quick and technical but can they persuade him to sit on the bench?

Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway has made a £4m bid to bring Blackpool winger Thomas Ince to Selhurst Park.


Full story: The Sun

What’s the story? So much to doubt about this. Holloway is hated in Blackpool for deserting them last season. Ince has set his heights higher than immediate relegation and the price is half of what Blackpool demanded in January.
Does it make sense? He’d be a great signing for Palace to replace Zaha and Ince would be better served going somewhere he’ll start every week but he doesn’t seem to want to go down that road, preferring the leap to Spurs or similar.
Is the price right? It’s fair for a player with no Premier League experience but Blackpool are holding out for £8m and because he is young and English someone will pay it.
Will it happen? 0/10 – No.

Part Two is here

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Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 3rd June: Superstar special: Bale, David Luiz, Higuain, Gomez and more

As we move in to the off-season an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Real Madrid are readying a world record £85m bid for Wales international Gareth Bale, 23, but Tottenham are insisting they will not sell their star man at any price.


Full story: Metro

What’s the story? The amount of outlets carrying this means it must have some heat to it. Real Madrid want to team Bale with Ronaldo and Di Maria with perhaps Suarez up front to give them an attack with devastation written all over it.
Does it make sense? I can’t say anything other than ‘signing Gareth Bale will never not make sense’.
Is the price right? The most ever paid for a player? No. However, if Spurs won’t sell unless they get a world record then they’ll have to. Levy can’t justify selling him to Spurs fans for anything even up in the £50m range but at this price, and with a new stadium to pay for, how can they turn it down? Real obviously feel he is the player to sign right now.
Will it happen? 6/10 – I can only be tentative at this stage. I’m swayed above 50:50 by the sheer number of reports of this exact amount and that Bale has courted a move to Real Madrid for a couple of years.

Liverpool want Sunderland’s Belgian goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, 25, to replace Pepe Reina, should the Spaniard depart this summer.


Full story: Guardian

What’s the story? Pepe Reina and Brendan Rodgers don’t seem to be a match for some reason. If he goes it would seem to be to Barcelona, but with Victor Valdes announcing he’s staying for another year is there the same urgency? Simon Mignolet is one of the top five goal keepers in the Premier League, he actually had a better season than Reina.
Does it make sense? Yes. Even without the Reina sale you could argue this would be an upgrade. Mignolet has solid distribution skills which would be needed and more importantly, is an excellent shot stopper which is the priority for a keeper in Rodgers’ system. Look at the success he had with Vorm at Swansea.
Is the price right? £6.5m is being bandied around the papers which seems like extraordinarily good value for Liverpool. Mind you, Sunderland have some other decent keepers and may prefer to reinvest the money on their non existent attack.
Will it happen? 6/10 – only 6 for now, 9 or 10 if they sell Reina.

Italian side Napoli have agreed a deal for Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez, 27.


Full story: Bild

What’s the story? If this is true, it means they’ve sold Cavani somewhere. Maybe Chelsea. Gomez is a superb finisher, he has the best penalty box instincts in the world. However, his limited technical game is alien to Guardiola. At Napoli he would have Cavani’s supply line to feast on.
Does it make sense? Yes. Huge sense. Napoli were runners up in Serie A so he gets Champions League football too. Very important to him in World Cup year because a 30 goal season could be needed just to get on the plane considering the sheer depth of attacking talent Germany have just now. Napoli would replace one goal machine with another at probably half the price.
Is the price right? If they’ve got him for £18-20m they’ve done well. Any less and it’s a steal.
Will it happen? 8/10 – Benitez loves signing strikers and likes poachers. Gomez gets high level first team football. Win win.

Jose Mourinho’s first job as Chelsea boss will be to confirm the sale of Brazil defender David Luiz, 26, to Barcelona for £30m.


Full story: Daily Star

What’s the story? This has gone from possible sale to definite sale all very quickly. David Luiz’s maverick style is hardly suitable for Jose Mourinho.
Does it make sense? Yes. He won’t play under Mourinho and Barcelona like the possession savvy defender/midfielder hybrid which is exactly what he is.
Is the price right? If Chelsea get £30m they’ve done amazingly well. David Luiz will do some spectacular things and look amazing. But he will also do some horrendous things and look like a donkey. £30m is a big risk.
Will it happen? 9/10 – It seems to be rushing to a conclusion but it’s come so far out of nowhere that it’s not nailed on.

Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas is considering a move for £10m-rated Benfica and Spain Olympic striker Rodrigo, 22.


Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story? Hmmm. It’s difficult to analyse Spurs rumours whilst Bale’s future is in limbo. If they sell Bale for £85m they shouldn’t be looking at this type of move. Even if they keep Bale, Rodrigo isn’t in the class of Higuain or Damiao.
Does it make sense? No. He’s not an upgrade. If they are going to spend either to keep Bale, or because they’ve sold Bale, it needs to be with more conviction than this.
Is the price right? Not really. £10m is a strange price for a striker for top five club. Not enough to sign genuine quality, too much for a bargain. Adebayor cost about this for example.
Will it happen? 0/10 – It doesn’t make sense in any scenario. Someone watched the Europa League final, saw Spurs need a striker and put two and two together.

Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, 25, has admitted he wants to move this summer and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been tracking the Argentina forward, while Juventus are also interested.


Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story?
Higuain has said he is finished in Madrid and dropped hints that he might favour Juventus. However, Arsenal have got money to spend and could be willing to do so on a world class striker.
Does it make sense? Yes. For some reason Higauin is unloved in Madrid but would be a huge upgrade for either Juventus or Arsenal.
Is the price right? He should cost £25-30m but no doubt will go for half of that. A true bargain.
Will it happen? 8/10 – Juventus: He seems close to agreeing and has mentioned them publically. 4/10 – Arsenal: He has spoken admiringly of England before and Arsenal have the advantage of the more prestigious league and attraction of London but are firmly in second in this race.

Jesus Navas, 25, has edged closer to joining Manchester City in a £25m deal, with his club Sevilla accepting he will move this summer.


Full story: The Sun

What’s the story? Sevilla are in all kinds of financial trouble and have nudged Navas to leave for the right money despite him being the local golden boy.
Does it make sense? Tactically yes, he adds pace and width to an attack which lacks it. The question is whether he can settle. He’s got terrible home sickness issues but maybe he wants to tackle it head on?
Is the price right? It’s not that much less than Hazard cost but that ship has sailed. It’s probably too much given Sevilla’s financial problems and the fact that only City seem to be bidding.
Will it happen? 10/10 – Yes. He and Pellegrini could be in situ this time next week.

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Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 31st May: Suarez, Chelsea, Barcelona, Arsenal and more

As we move in the off-season an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Real Madrid are prepared to offer Luis Suarez a £140,000-a-week, four-year contract and are confident they will be able to sign the Liverpool forward, 27, for £20m plus Spanish striker Jose Callejon, 26.
Luis Suarez


Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story?
It seems as if Madrid have zeroed in on Suarez now as first choice. They can offer him as much as they want but unless Liverpool accept a bid he’s not going anywhere. Callejon is highly regarded but hasn’t found consistency. There is also a certain Portugese in his way from getting a first team spot.
Does it make sense? Madrid evidently feel the attack needs upgrading and Suarez is capable of making the unexpected happen. His mazy, tight dribbling will be a good weapon against tight La Liga defences. The issue will be, he loves a shot, so does Ronaldo. Will they be able to play together? Losing him would remove Liverpool of a PR headache but create a footballing one. Callejon is the type of technical quick forward that Rodgers likes.
Is the price right? If Suarez is being valued at £40m I don’t see where £20m and Callejon fits in. £35m and Callejon perhaps.
Will it happen? 8/10 – It’s all the usual Madrid to and fro so far, so it probably will.

Incoming Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho wants to make Porto central defender Eliaquim Mangala, 22, the first signing of his second spell at Stamford Bridge – but not at the £30m asking price.


Full story: the Sun

What’s the story? Which club in Europe are going to be hardest to buy from right now? Porto. With £60m in their pockets, they’re not going to give Mangala away now are they? He’s a big physical unit of a centre back and Chelsea are on the lookout for defenders
Does it make sense? Mourinho doesn’t have reputation for choosing young players, so it would be out of character. Also, Mangala is raw, so if he is David Luiz’s replacement it’s not really changing much.
Is the price right? No. £30m is insanity but then Porto have full pockets and no pressure to take anything less.
Will it happen? 2/10 – Never say never at Chelsea but this doesn’t look right.

Mourinho, meanwhile, wants to sell Brazilian defender David Luiz, 26, to boost his transfer budget.


Full story: the Times

What’s the story? Hang on, to boost his transfer budget? At Chelsea? He might sell him because he doesn’t have a position for him though.
Does it make sense? David Luiz is talented but volatile. Is he a centre back? Is he a defensive midfielder? Mourinho doesn’t really have time for his type of game in his tighter system.
Is the price right? They paid £24m and the new Financial Fair Play regulations mean they can’t gulp down a big loss. Who is seriously going to offer them that?
Will it happen? 3/10 – Who are they selling him to?

Cesc Fabregas will make a decision on his future next week and wants to return to former club Arsenal, who he left for the Nou Camp in 2011.


Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story? Fabregas has been linked with Man United and Man City lately, but it can’t be forgotten that Arsenal have exclusive negotiation rights with him. However, reports from Spain suggest he’s going nowhere.
Does it make sense? Even despite the reports he’s staying there is reason to be doubtful. He’s not getting enough game time and this is World Cup year. He needs to get the minutes if he’s to stave off the raft of other attackers for a starting spot. Obviously a huge upgrade wherever he goes.
Is the price right? Barcelona paid £35m, why take less? Still, it’s a mighty tempting proposition even at that money.
Will it happen? 5/10 – I’m as 50:50 as he seems to be.

Fulham are on the verge of signing Netherlands international goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, 30, in a £3m deal from Roma as they move to replace Mark Schwarzer.


Full story: Daily Mail

What’s the story? This has been close for months and finally settles in. Schwarzer was good last year but is the wrong side of 40.
Does it make sense? Yes. Stekelenburg’s star was waned over the last 5 years but he’s a decent keeper at a good price with plenty of football still to come.
Is the price right? Can’t complain, solid value.
Will it happen? 10/10 – Close for weeks, now to be sealed.

Sunderland are weighing up a move for Celtic goalkeeper Fraser Forster, 25, if current first choice Simon Mignolet, also 25, leaves this summer.


Full story: Daily Record

What’s the story? Forster has been exceptional for Celtic over the last couple of seasons and may want to play in England to push his chances of making the World Cup squad (if England qualify).
Does it make sense? If they do sell Mignolet, perhaps to Arsenal, then he’d be a worthy replacement.
Is the price right? This could be a sticking point. The last goalie Sunderland bought from Scotland was £8m Craig Gordon which was a disaster. Celtic might ask for that though.
Will it happen? 7/10 – If Mignolet goes, obviously 0/10 if not.

Manager Paolo Di Canio has agreed a deal to sign Lazio centre-back Modibo Diakite, 26.


Full story: Sunderland Echo

What’s the story? Not many know Lazio better than Di Canio who badly needs to improve his central defence. Diakite is massive, good in the air and an athlete. Exactly what you need in the Premier League.
Does it make sense? Yes. He has the tools that can be moulded alongside John O’Shea. Will be desperate to prove himself again after a long suspension.
Is the price right? He’s free, so yes.
Will it happen? 10/10 – Seems to be a done deal.

Bayern Munich’s Germany striker Mario Gomez, 27, is a target for Italian clubs Napoli and Fiorentina.


Full story: Kicker

What’s the story? Gomez doesn’t fit for Pep Guardiola, there’s no doubting that. But he should be very desirable. He does have his well know weaknesses but if supplied properly he’s a proven goal machine.
Does it make sense? Napoli may need to replace Cavani and Fiorentina to replace Jovetic so I guess that’s the link. However, I think he’d be an excellent signing for Arsenal who just need a big physical pure finisher like Gomez.
Is the price right? Bayern paid £30m but he’s worth nothing like that now. If someone dangles them £18m or so it’ll be tempting. I doubt FIorentina’s capacity to spend that on a single player, Napoli only could if they sell Cavani. Arsenal however…
Will it happen? 2/10 – Fiorentina: Too much money 7/10 – Napoli: a good replacement for Cavani. He’s almost certainly leaving though.

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The Weekend Awards – SuperBale to the rescue

The Weekend Awards are a somewhat serious, somewhat tongue in cheek affair in summary of the best and worst of the Premier League. Touch and go at top and bottom so here’s what stood out.


Highlight of the Weekend

Wigan make the relegation fight interesting

If Wigan had lost to West Brom they would have been 5 points from safety with 3 to play instead, with the win they are just two points behind Sunderland, 3 behind Norwich and Newcastle and 4 behind Southampton. And they’ve got a game in hand on Tuesday at home to a Swansea side who have nothing to play for. Interesting. If they win that and Sunderland beat Stoke tonight then suddenly Fulham up in 12th would be just 2 points off the drop and in poor form. For the neutrals a Wigan win over Swansea would make for an incredible end to the season at the bottom.

Lowlight of the Weekend

‘Super’ Sunday

What a let down the two Sunday games were. The Merseyside derby was a fairly uninspiring 0-0 and Manchester United Chelsea didn’t get going until it was too late. All four teams looked like they knew they had done their important business for the season, even though Chelsea needed to beat United. There was a distinct lack of quality and edge to both games and made for an unsatifying few hours.

Goal of the Weekend

Gabby Agbonlahor (2nd) vs Norwich

This was both an aesthetically pleasing and vitally important goal. The inch perfect pass from Ashley Westwood followed Agbonlahor’s clever run between the two centre backs and he ended up peeling all the way around Bassong from his blind side. By the time Bassong had seen what was happening the perfect positioning of the pass combined with Agbonlahor’s express pace meant that the Villa striker was through on goal. He kept a calm head to slot home and was able to celebrate in front of the traveling Villa fans as his side recorded another key win.

Really?! Moment of the Weekend

Rafael’s Red Card

So the clock is running down on what is a meaningless game for United when Rafael gets embroiled in a little squabble with countryman David Luiz. Rafael has a little kick out and Luiz throws himself to the floor before looking up and smiling at his compatriot. He then makes sure to look anguished as referee Howard Webb arrives on the scene amidst a sea of card waving from Oscar and Ramires (both Brazilian) and the inevitable denoument. So much for national pride.

Most Deceptive Result of the Weekend

Fulham 2-4 Reading

This one is deceptive for two reasons. Firstly, the temptation is to say ‘Well if Reading had played like that more often they would have stayed up’. Yeah well they didn’t, so they haven’t. They played with the freedom and abandon of a team that had no pressure. For Fulham the temptation is to think ‘Oh well, they’re safe anyway’. But the thing is, they’re not yet. If Sunderland and more importantly, Wigan, win their respective game in hand then Fulham would only be two points off the relegation zone with 5 defeats in their last 6 games. They are quietly in a tailspin and need to find a win but they have a potentially rampant Liverpool visiting next before a tricky trip to Swansea. If they get zero points they will be looking nervously elsewhere.

One man team of the weekend

SuperBale vs Southampton

It’s getting a bit old now but Spurs really are dependent on Gareth Bale. Without him they’re certainly not a top four team. He was kept quiet all game with some canny tactical set up by Southampton which resulted in an awful Spurs showing in a grinding 0-0. It looked like it would end like that before SuperBale cut in from the right and in trade mark style and hit a fading shot in to the far corner of the goal.

Premier League Midweek Team

Five centre backs Chelsea can choose from to sign this summer

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